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"Your Solar Advocate" Is Your Home Solar Guide

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"Your Solar Advocate" Is Your Home Solar Guide

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“It’s so hard to make a return on regular investments that … you’re better off buying two years’ worth of toothpaste when it’s on a 50 percent discount,” he says. “There’s an immediate return on your money.”
Mark Cuban
Your Solar Advocate believes Mark Cuban's philosophy applies to buying a home solar system because there's nothing sexy about investing in toothpaste or home solar, but they are both guaranteed investments!

"Your Solar Advocate" Is Your Home Solar Guide On Your Side!

“Your Solar Advocate” provides Upfront Pricing before you meet with a home solar contractor. This will give you something to compare against any other home solar proposal you receive. Our service is free, and you can use it to determine what will work best for you. Many solar contractors in Florida don’t like to provide the most important information without meeting you first and running a credit check. Avoid dealing with high-pressure sales techniques to get the answers to your questions. Our service reverses the process of going solar by providing upfront pricing directly from the contractor without all the structural costs of managers and sales managers. We get you the very best pricing from the very best home solar contractors, and the process is completely transparent. Please complete the form and provide your address and daily kilowatt consumption to receive an accurate solar system price in advance of any meeting.

Hello, I’m Ron Hunnewell, Owner and founder of Your Solar Advocate
I have created Your Solar Advocate to connect you with the industry’s very best Home Solar Installers. Ron Hunnewell Owner & CEO of Your Solar Advocate,You have many choices and may not be certain whom to work with? As Your Solar Advocate representing your interests, “I Cut Out The Middle Man” and set you up directly with the very best in the business! The best quality solar panels, Installation all for the lowest cost!

Get The Best Solar Contractors!

Get The Lowest Price In The Market!

Make The Most Profit From Home Solar!

Many national brand solar companies never actually touch or see the solar panels. They make the sale using online blogs and other sales funnel methods. The key is they hire a general contractor who does many different types of construction, and the GC farms it out to an installer. Far too many hands are in the pot causing the cost to go up considerably.

What I have created is an opportunity for the solar buyer to deal directly with that same solar installer instead of sales funnels, and inexperienced GC’s charging inflated prices. I am Your Solar advocate who will guide and direct you toward the best licensed and insured solar installation contractors in your market and the best solar panels & equipment. 

I connect you directly with Solar Installation Contractors that exclusively do solar. You get the jobber price as if your a national brand solar company. When you decide to move forward you will deal directly with the installer who is licensed and insured with a minimum of 500 home solar installations.

Any Price Quotes Provided By Your Solar Advocate Are Guaranteed By The Installer for 30 Days!

Frequently Asked Questions?

How Much Does Home Solar Cost Installed?

The most commonly asked question about home solar is the most difficult to answer in two sentences. The key number to what you should pay for a home solar system is the cost per kilowatt. We will use a “9K solar system = 9000w per year of production” as an example. If the cost is $3.25 a kilowatt then a 9K system costs $29,250. If the same system is $2.75 a kilowatt then the system costs $24,750. As you can see the cost per kilowatt is the key number to focus on. These examples are the total cost installed from A to Z. The most important thing to understand about solar panels is it’s impossible to know what the exact production is per year because of all the variables involved. all that being said the technology used to determine a home solar systems production is fairly accurate because of the accumulation of historical data that’s collected.

How Do I Know What Size Solar System I Need?

It’s not that difficult to determine the ideal size of a home solar system. The key question is how many kilowatts hours are used per day? (It’s on your power bill) If a home uses 40-kilowatt hours multiplied times 365 days, your total annual usage is 14,600-kilowatt-hours. To achieve 100% offset would be 9.5K solar system. During a couple of peak months of usage you may get a very minimal power bill but the other 10 months you’ll only pay the power companies standard service charge. An 8K solar system would be about 80 to 85% offset of your power bill which would result in several months of a minimal power bill.

How Can "Your Solar Advocate" stay In Business If It's A Free Service?

“Your Solar Advocate” is a perfect service for people who want home solar but can’t be bothered with learning all there is to know. We remove all the headaches and look out for your best interests exclusively! Although we are home solar experts, we do not sell home solar; we advocate for you by protecting you through the process. We set you up directly with contractors that exclusively do solar only, and we provide complete transparency through the process. “Your Solar Advocate” is a “Free Service” because the solar industry is structured very similarly to the travel industry or the advertising industry. The Solar Installers that sell the project pay a small fee to Your Solar Advocate for providing the business. They can give a better price because that fee is nominal compared to the cost of advertising, sales manager and salesperson they don’t have to pay for the sale. The way “Your Solar Advocate” is structured requires the buyer to be committed to purchasing a home solar system before meeting the solar company principles to close the deal. You pay nothing until you make the actual purchase for a home solar system. We connect with the very best solar installers in the industry, not just random general contractors. But a Home Solar Speciality company. As many may know, every customer has a sales-to-cost ratio, meaning every sale has advertising costs built-in. That’s the fee paid to “Your Solar Advocate.” no differently than any advertising or travel agency. We simplify going solar!

How Many Watts Does One Solar Panel Produce?

A 400 Watt Panel produces about 3 kilowatts a day. This is an increase from 2.5 kilowatts per day from a 300-watt panel. Because of improved efficiency, a home solar system requires fewer panels to achieve the same amount of production. Depending on geographical location and sun hour exposure, it varies. NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) collects enough data to determine the actual power production based on the address accurately.

Does Solar Panel Production Change In Different States?

There are slight variations of production from state to state for a whole host of reasons. For example, in Florida, a home solar system loses production hours during the summer months because of cloudy, rainy days. The weather factor in Florida is calculated when sizing a solar system. Thus, solar system production does not only vary from state to state but literally from home to home.

Is Home Solar Profitable?

Home solar is very profitable so long as you avoid the obvious pitfalls, such as installing solar on a roof that needs to be upgraded. Home solar is a tremendous opportunity because it’s much cheaper than the power company. You are not only producing your own power, but you get credited at full retail by the power company because they trade you per kilowatt used for per kilowatt produced. So if you paid cash for a roof and a home solar system in the long haul, it would cost less than what you would have paid the power company during the same period.

Is Home Solar Really A Free Investment?

It may sound ridiculous on its face, but it is a “Fact” a  home solar system is a free investment! Solar is a free investment because you pay a power bill every month that you can use to pay for the solar. It’s the same principle as to why you buy a home instead of renting. There isn’t one sound reason why a qualifying homeowner wouldn’t take advantage of a free investment opportunity. A qualifying home means no shading issues from tree covering and has good daily exposure to the sun.

What Is Grid-Tie Solar?

Grid-Tie solar is the magical ingredient that makes solar profitable for homeowners because it solves the storage cost problem. A home using the grid-tie system never gets disconnected from the power grid. Power companies charge you their monthly service charge because they are letting you store solar power produced on the grid. The power a solar system produces no longer needs an electrical storage system like batteries because it uses the grid to store the power created. Grid-Tie saves a lot of money because it eliminates the need for an expensive battery storage system.

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